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Our Mission

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide scholarship support to generational, descendants of former Lincoln/ William Grant High School constituents, or to students not biologically descended, who meet other criteria for scholarship consideration. The Lincoln/William Grant Legacy Scholarship awards are available to descendants of former Lincoln-Grant constituents. However, The Dr. Nancy C. Riley Walton Memorial Scholarship and the Charles James, SR. Fund awards were added in 2018 specifically for applicants who are not biologically descended from Lincoln-Grant constituents. These scholarships can be awarded to students regardless to race, religion, country of origin or High School from which they are graduated. Student selection is the sole responsibility of the Fund providers based on the submission of application and required supporting information. 

Our History

Lincoln-Grant School, William Grant High School, and their precursor institutions served the educational needs of African Americans in Covington, Kentucky from 1866 to 1976. Many graduates and former students went on to make unique contributions to society in numerous ways. In honor of the exceptional history of these schools, and the various accomplishments of many former students, The Lincoln/William Grant Scholarship Foundation, Inc. was established by a small group of former students, graduates and other affiliates in the Spring of 2017. 

Our Scholarships

The Scholarship Fund of The Lincoln/William Grant Scholarship Foundation, Inc. was established to assist aspiring youth who express a desire and demonstrate preparation for attendance at an accredited University or College. 

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Our Mission
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