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The Lincoln/William Grant Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is accepting application to the end of next week (March 31, 2023) and we urge all potential applicants to get your paper work in as soon as possible to beat the deadline. We want to approve your request to get funds to your school this summer. 

Download the application under the Scholarship tab.

Other Giving Opportunities

It is exciting to have three sources for funding our efforts to provide financial assistance to our students. If by chance you are looing for additional ways to provided funds, may we recommend the following:

1. A portion of your stock port folio can be donated to the Foundation. 

2. Inclusion in your will as a beneficiary would be a lasting legacy to your memory.

3. Funding a memorial fund within the foundation which can provide yet another source of funds to be awarded year by year. 

All these are opportunities that can help us one day cover the entire cost of a child's or several children's education for the year. 

Student comes home

One of our first awardees has returned home after finishing her schooling to work at her alma mater. Miss Alaria Long is now working as a student teacher at Holmes high school in Covington, KY. where she was a graduate in 2018. Congratulations to bith Miss Long and Holmes for getting a new teacher


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