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The Lincoln/William Grant Scholarship Foundation, Inc. has finished the selection process for the 2022 scholastic year. We are pleased to have expanded our search and enhanced our contact with local schools through the work of the Scholarship Committee. Their first step was to approach local school counselors to make them aware of our program. In doing so, we had a greater number of applicants this year compared to previous offerings. With the higher number of applicants, the gleaning process required strict examination of the applications for timeliness, completeness, essay content, academic attainment, extracurricular activities and financial need. Interviews from each of the three funding sources allowed the applicants to plead their case and display their communication skills. We encourage each applicant to prepare for the high competition they will face in the academic and business world to come. We thank all those who applied as it indicates we are helping to fill a need for our students and future leaders. 

Other Giving Opportunities

It is exciting to have three sources for funding our efforts to provide financial assistance to our students. If by chance you are looing for additional ways to provided funds, may we recommend the following:

1. A portion of your stock port folio can be donated to the Foundation. 

2. Inclusion in your will as a beneficiary would be a lasting legacy to your memory.

3. Funding a memorial fund within the foundation which can provide yet another source of funds to be awarded year by year. 

All these are opportunities that can help us one day cover the entire cost of a child's or several children's education for the year. 

Student comes home

One of our first awardees has returned home after finishing her schooling to work at her alma mater. Miss Alaria Long is now working as a student teacher at Holmes high school in Covington, KY. where she was a graduate in 2018. Congratulations to bith Miss Long and Holmes for getting a new teacher


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